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Uncovering the Lexipontix program for school-age children who stutter

Campus Sint-Andries - Sint-Andriesstraat 2 - 2000 Antwerpen

Children Who Stutter (CWS) are sometimes unable to generalize speaking fluently outside therapy, they may lose motivation and often have unhelpful thoughts. The Lexipontix Therapy Program endeavors to introduce an alternative approach to stuttering treatment. It is a structured therapy program for CWS aged 8 to 12 years. Therapy develops as a role game between the mouse called Lexipontix and the child in the role of a Superhero. The CWS defends his “Factory of Mind” with the help of the parents and therapist; its (therapeutic) “Alliance”. Lexipontix addresses the overall stuttering experience of the child and family, aiming at “Communication Restructuring”. The CWS and members of the family are empowered to produce meaningful changes in their communication.


In this workshop both the Lexipontix Assessment Protocol and the Lexipontix Therapy Program will be discussed. You will become familiar with the theoretical and clinical rational, structure, content and activities of the Lexipontix Program. Next you will experience how the program addresses the expectations from therapy of the CWS and their family. Practical activities will give you a taste of what it is like to implement Lexipontix in clinical practice.


This workshop is in English.




George Fourlas, Speech and Language Therapist, Head of the Stuttering Research and Therapy Centre (KEΘT), Athens, Greece.






  • do. 22 mei 2025
  • vrij. 23 mei 2025


Praktische informatie

Maximale groepsgrootte: 30


Datum en tijd

donderdag 22 mei 2025
09:30 ⇾ 16:30

vrijdag 23 mei 2025
09:30 ⇾ 16:30

Einde inschrijvingen: donderdag 15 mei 2025 (23:59)
Annulatie mogelijk tot: dinsdag 08 april 2025 (23:59)



logopedist: 360,00 EUR


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