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How to make events inspire people? | ENG

Campus De Ham - Raghenoplein 21bis (Z0.01) - 2800 Mechelen

About the speakers:


Jo Roels is the newest member of the ABBIT family. He has experience in the field of cultural and inter-cultural events, mostly as manager of the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra’s Symphonic Rock program. Jo is master in artistic, promotional, legal, and budgetary affairs, and easily manages an audiovisual team on tour in Europe’s most prestigious venues (Vienna State Opera, Royal Opera Belgium, Concertgebouw Amsterdam, Odeon Herodes Atticus Athens, …). After studying Human Rights and Environmental Law, he enhanced his professional and soft skills by exploring intercultural European programs and events, and by living abroad for over eight years. Jo Roels is a native Dutch speaker and speaks English professionally and French proficiently.


Evelien Aernaudts, married and a mum of two, started with ABBIT back in 2003. Despite taking a six-year break from the meeting industry, Evelien couldn’t stay away and thankfully realized her passion lies with ABBIT. Meeting design and innovation are her thing. Particularly, ABBIT’s unique innovation: Multihub Meetings. She is a true mother hen when it comes to her clients. She is a Master in Communication Science and Tourism Management. Evelien Aernaudts is a native Dutch speaker and speaks English professionally and French, German, and Spanish proficiently.



About the seminar:


 "Unlock the secrets of effective events: join us on a revealing journey into the heart of event support! Dive deep into the dreams and ambitions of creative minds in this dynamic industry. Discover what really inspires. Learn how to support events that not only have a lasting impression, but also ignite passion and purpose. In a world where the challenges are great, discover how to navigate the complexities of our ever-evolving landscape. Together, let's redefine the future of events, forging connections that transcend boundaries and inspire change. Don't miss this transformative experience – your journey starts here!” 🌟


📢 Attention Students! 📢

Get ready to dive into an immersive experience unlike any other! During our upcoming lecture on "How to Make Events Inspire People," active participation is not just encouraged – it's essential! 🌟

Here's what to expect:

1) Engagement: prepare to interact with your peers, share insights, and collaborate on innovative ideas that will shape the future of event support.

2) Interaction: this is not a passive learning session! We will stimulate your creativity and critical thinking. Don’t be afraid to challenge us!

3) Welcome questions: have burning questions or curious thoughts? Don't hesitate to speak up! This is a safe space where every question is valued and every voice matters.


Remember, the success of this lecture relies on your active involvement. So come prepared to participate, share your perspectives, and embark on a journey of discovery together!

See you there! 🚀



Datum en tijd

donderdag 18 april 2024
18:15 ⇾ 20:00

Einde inschrijvingen: donderdag 18 april 2024 (17:00)
Annulatie mogelijk tot: donderdag 18 april 2024 (17:00)



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