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Doing Business in Spain – Start to entrepreneur


Over de spreker:


Els Van Humbeeck, owner of Olive Operations and Olive People, supporting entrepreneurs and leaders in Belgium and Spain in HR and business support. Entrepreneur. Mentor. Coach. Before that? Department head and member of the management team. Working in leading companies within the information technology, media, and services industry. Strong business manager with an MBA in Business Administration and Management from Solvay Business School.


Over het onderwerp:


How does it feel to say goodbye to your management position at a large media company and take a leap of faith? Our guest speaker Els Van Humbeeck said goodbye to her job at DPG Media (owner of more than 30 strong brands in Belgium, Denmark and The Netherlands) in 2018 after 10 years and moved to Valencia, Spain with her family to start entrepreneuring there. What’s it like to do business in a completely different culture? What is specific to the Spanish market and what are the do’s and don’ts in business? What tips and tricks can she share about entrepreneuring abroad and in general?

Datum en tijd

donderdag 16 mei 2024
18:30 ⇾ 20:00

Einde inschrijvingen: donderdag 16 mei 2024 (17:00)
Annulatie mogelijk tot: donderdag 16 mei 2024 (17:00)



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