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Everything you wanted to know about PR evaluation and measurement (but were afraid to ask) (ENG)


About the seminar:

Measuring success effectively and efficiently is as important to any PR campaign as anything else. Mr. Jo Detaverier will explain in a very accessible way how practitioners around the world go about measurement in their daily work. He will also elaborate on certain practices from the past (such as advertising value measurement) and why and how those hurt the reputation of PR practitioners. All key measurement concepts and frameworks will be discussed and illustrated with examples.


About the speaker:
Jo Detavernier has been a PR consultant for 20 years. After having been a consultant with Brussels based agencies akkanto and FINN, he is now based in San Antonio, Texas, where he leads his own boutique PR firm. Jo is an expert in B2B PR, B2B content marketing, and crisis communications. Recently, he contributed to the Handbook on Crisis Communications (Timothy Coombs, Sherry Holladay - 2023) and is both APR (PRSA) and SCMP (IABC) certified.

Datum en tijd

donderdag 02 mei 2024
18:15 ⇾ 20:00

Einde inschrijvingen: donderdag 02 mei 2024 (17:00)
Annulatie mogelijk tot: donderdag 02 mei 2024 (17:00)



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