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The challenges of communication and marketing in post-Covid China

Campus De Ham - Raghenoplein 21bis - 2800 Mechelen

About the seminar:


Doing business with China has always been challenging, but recent geopolitical, economic and technological developments have made it even more challenging for Western companies to be successful in China. The negative sentiment about China has created many misunderstandings about how Western companies should deal with this more assertive post-Covid China. During this seminar Bart Horsten will give recommendations how to deal with the new China and talk about cultural aspects of doing business with China. He will also give valuable insights about the consumer market in China and how marketing is to be done behind ‘the Great Firewall of China’.


About the speaker:


Bart Horsten studied Commercial Engineering at KU Leuven and is a China consultant and entrepreneur since 1998. As a managing director at Horsten International, a family-owned company in the second generation, he is one of the most experienced and broadly skilled China consultants in the Benelux. Bart lives in Belgium, but travels to China on a regular basis and, together with his team in China, contributes his China expertise and extensive network to many European companies entering the Chinese market or buying products from China. In 2016 Horsten also launched its China digital marketing agency, called MyChinaWeb, offering social media and e-commerce services to its customers. More information and many project references can be found at the websites www.horsten.be and www.mychinaweb.com.

Datum en tijd

donderdag 02 mei 2024
18:15 ⇾ 20:00

Einde inschrijvingen: donderdag 02 mei 2024 (17:00)



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